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Harbour Rock Hoping

King slayer

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Hi all,

Went down to a nice rock platform in the main harbour this morning with two mates in hope of kings. We had planed to fish the predawn high for Jews off the beach and then to an ocean rock spot for kings and drummer, but the predicted swell looked a bit big so we opted for the safe spot.

The morning started off well with a few squid collected on the way from middle harbour. As soon as we arrived (pre-dawn) and set up our big rods and float rigs, we tossed around squid jigs and pulled in a few more squid as we waited. The squid kept coming all morning when ever we got the urge.

A school of sizable Tailor came through and we picked up two around the 45cm mark which took our whole squid aimed at kings.

It is nice to fish a rock platform that is fairly safe, has nice deep water and squid right in front of you.

Weather was perfect, but no more fish after the tailor. Total squid was around 16-18 all up.

Harbour traffic seemed non existent compared to a normal Sunday. Perhaps everyone thought the fresh would keep the fish away?

Anyway, next week it's back to the jew mission. Tides are just where I want them.



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Its great when when you find a spot where the whole food chain is catered for (especially the shore based carnivores with a 4/0). I'd be happy with some BBQ calamari alongside some fresh cooked Tailor.

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Nice session there King Slayer.

Great to have bait on tap when you need it.

Have you ever tried that spot at night for Jew? It sounds like they would have to have a look around there.



Have not yet Jewhunter,

but I did mention the idea to my mates today, so it will happen one day/night.

Yakkaman, the tailor went down a treat for dinner, but as much as I love calamari, I love using them for jews even more, so they're in the freezer for later in the week.

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