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Pier 2 Bream


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Fished the high tide this afternoon at Pier 2.

Haven't fished here that much but today scored a pb bream at 40cms. She took the 4000 real with 12 pd line for a good few runs before surfacing and i was a happy chappy at that!

As usual the piers 2 and 3 were busy. About 10 mins before i scored my bream a couple of fishos scored about 5 bream probably around 25 - 30cm, so they were on the bite at that point which was around 1/2 before the high- as usual the best time.

Some guys on pier 2 were running around at the site of kings...i saw a couple of little guys on the surface after i went down for a look see.

Sorry no pics - the camera is busted...it's been dropped too many times i think!

Looking forward the the long weekend, less work - more fishing.


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