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Any Info On Fishing Batemans Bay?


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G'Day Raider's.

I am heading down to Batemans Bay this weekend & taking the tinny (4.3M) with me. I have never fished the area before & I will have my two nephews with me so I would like to put them onto some fish. Unfortunately I have no knowledge of the waterways down there so any general info would be great.

Thanks in advance.


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G'day Jas,

Are you looking to go up the river or out into the bay?

I fish there quite often, but not so much up the river. If you go out past Snapper Is which is just off the break wall and lign yourself up between the Tollgate Islands offshore and Snapper Is and go out 1/3 to 1/2 way betwen th two you will find some good Flatty grounds. I drifted there a couple of weeks ago and the drift took me in a S/W direction of that line and we picked up 46 keepers in 3 days, not record breaking, but still worth the effort. The bar is not too bad there. It can play up a bit in an easterly swell, but I have never seen it really bad.

If you are going up the river, I talked with a bloke who had a nice bucket of bream and a 60cm Flatty and he was hard up against the oyster leases fishing with chicken thigh fillets soaked in tuna oil and rolled in bread crumbs! I know, it sounds like something off Huey's cooking adventures but the 20lt bucket full of bream tells the story. He gave me his left over bait too so he was not telly any porky pies about the method. He was using berley too. There are heaps of leases there too, so take your pick.



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By the way, we were bottom fishing (obviously!) with Flathead as bait and plastics - Pumkin seed and Mango ripple. I was a little dubious to say the least when the good lady picked out the Mango Ripple(looks like it should be in a lolly shop), but she was catching more than I was on the pumpkin seed so I swapped over.

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Good stuff. We will be in a white Brooker runabout with a blue bimini, with 3 people hanging foul trying to snag a fish. The boat is still un-named at the moment.

One more question though where do you launch the boat at? are there many decent boat ramps. I think we will be staying around the souhthern end BB beach resort area

No worries mate :thumbup:

I will be out on Friday/Sat/Sun/Mon , boat name is Tewa. Depending on the weather we might be on the spot too.

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There are a few ramps available. I have put them on the map attached. The green one is a bit sandy and 4wd only, but not as busy. On the south side of the river is a wide concrete ramp right next to the bridge. Busy bit of road there so best to go in from the north bound lane. The other yellow one up near the bar is the best, you have two large jetties which can tie up a couple of boats each. Take beach rd down towards Catalina, you will pass the country club (right hand side) and just after that is a skate park and Rugby oval, the access road is between these, if you hit Birdland you have gone too far. You can have a good look at conditions here as the ramp is right next to the breakwall. Mind the marine park when you get out. It is a fair way towards the tollgates and a yellow marker is at both of the NW and SW ends.

See you out there mate. :1fishing1:


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Mud map attached for you mate

Hi Jas,

The maps that have been put up are excellent and spot on. Snapper Island, which is the first little island east of the bar is a great spot for live bait. Just burley on the south east side with fish scraps and a bit of bread and you'll pick up small yakkas and slimey mackeral. On both sides of the Bay where the rocks have a fair amount of weed you'll find squid if you look hard enough. Drop into one of the tackle shops in town and pick up a marine park map. The fines can ruin a good weekend. Hope you have a good weekend and catch the big one....


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G'day guys,

I've just been looking over those maps, and there's some really great info there...thanks heaps. :)

I was wondering if anyone has fished the bay and/or clyde recently? Just after some feedback on what the fishing is like at the moment. I've got the marine park map, so we dont get stung.

We're heading down there this weekend for a week of camping etc, so any thoughts or ideas would be great.

Thanks heaps.


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