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No Kings Landed On Sat


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Hi Raiders,

Took a friend out for a fish on Sat in the harbour who was over from Adelaide as he'd never caught a fish before and was planning to get him onto a king.

As he had a plane to catch mid afternoon we have time to go squiding so just tried with pillies.

3x 40cm+ bream, a salmon, and three kings that pulled the hooks later, we still hadnt got a king on board.

We then pulled in a big octopus, and we thought our luck had changed but it didnt even get a sniff.

Meanwhile another boat pulls up and lands 4x 80cm+ kings on after the other,

and we werent getting a nibble... :mad3:

Got chatting with them, and they were raiders ), and they gave us some fresh squid to try.

(thanks cephlapod :) )

The bite had really stopped though, and we left soon after they did to get my mate on his plane

which we made with 10 minutes to spare.

Today I had a meeting cancelled, so finished work early, and as I hadnt cleaned to boat from Sat,

I thought if i going to pull it ou to clean it I might as well go fishing first.

I Fished and downrigged everywhere in the harbour today for nothing, and was the only fisherman out there, it was really rough.

So I anchored up and sat reading the paper, my phone rings and as I answer it my Wilson charter special combo screams off with the rod tip under the boat.

The fish is solidly hooked, but it ran hard against heavy drag and had enough line out to wrap around the anchor rope. I backed off the lever and free spooled the line and was about to pull up the anchor when he un wrapped himself and took off again this time for clear water

after a few more runs to the bottom an 83cm king was in the net

Shortly after I packed up and headed for home for a dinner of Kingy and Chips :) which was delicious

The whole time out there only had two runs, both times when the phone rang



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U may be on to sumthin, Next time you go fishing send me $50 and your ph no. :074:

Seriously though thats a nice King, glad u enjoyed catchin and eatin him :thumbup:


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Now at least I know what I am doing wrong when I go out to target the mighty kingies, I turn my phone off. That is not going to happen again. :074:

Seriously, too bad your mate didnt get onto a kingy, but congrats on the one you caught. I hope it tasted great with some chips and a cold one.


Mrs Flightmanager

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nice fish mate. Isnt it funny how its like they are watching what you are doing and as soon as you are busy talking on the phone, making a cuppa or lighting a smoke etc ZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

I would like a dollar for every time I have sat out in my boat for several hours without getting a bite and my girlfriend rings me and you can bet thats when you get a bite!

nice work monuevering around the anchor rope!


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