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Taking my girlfirend out on the boat tomoz need to impress her with some nice fish :074: . Havn't had time to go out for a while so what's biting well at the moment :wacko: ? We will be in Hawkesbury, Cowan and Pittwater or just outside or around Lion Island. So what fish is worth having a crack at? :thumbup:

Thanks heaps, Slimymac :1fishing1:

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G'day Slimymac,

I'm too far removed to know how its fishing at the moment but I used to do nearly all my fishing in and around Broken Bay. This time of year I'd try the entrance to Pittwater at first light (if she's the sort of girfriend who gets up early for fishing)... you've got a good chance of having the odd school of surface fish feeding there (kings, tailor, bonito).

You could then do a quick cruise along the Western shoreline of Pittwater as you'll often find more fish herding bait up against the rocky shores... there are also often heaps of Frigate Mackerel around so have a rod rigged up with a 7 or 10g metal lure ready to go.

Slow trolling live baits around the moored boats (carefully!!) in Pittwater could pick you up good kings...

The Southern face of Lion Island is a good spot to drift for flatties and if you position your drift about 10-20m off the edge of the reef, you can be casting plastics across the reef edge at the same time for tailor, kings and stuff.

The area between the Eastern point of Lion Island and Box Head often has schools of Tailor around.

West Reef is also worth fishing... anchor and berley or drift with live baits, bait or plastics. At times it holds good kings as well as all the common reef species. (In summer it's often swarming with hammerhead sharks too but I reckon it's too late in the year for them reliably now).

Hope this is a start.

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