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Trolling Lures In Botany Bay


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Hello raiders!

I hope everyone is looking forward to a long weekend of fishing!!

Im heading into Botany bay this weekend in the boat and want to do some trolling

In the past i've used a 1-2m deep Rapala lure and trolled along the runnways and into and around yarra bay which has in the past produced bonito and tailor.

BUT! it was pure luck, because ever since i havent caught anything else the same way

Is it worth trolling this time of year (colder water ?) i've read that the surface feeding fish feed deeper in the colder months ?

also - how far out the back of the boat do you troll the lures?

my theory has always been that the boat engine would scare the fish so i've been trolling them 60 - 80 meters back (lost A LOT of lures like this - speed boats coming flying along and spool both rods i have out)

i read somewhere that you should have the lures JUST outside the 'third roll of the wake' ? is this for marlin / big game fishing or does it apply to smaller fish ?

Is there any point in throwing out berley ? i would have thought you move away from it too quick to be any use ? (Speed of the boat is the slowest speed the motor will run at )

Any advice, trolling tips, lengths, etc would be greatly appreciated!!

Looking forward to posting a report after the weekend ahead!!

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I run my divers about 30m back around sydney and how hi your rod tip (being the towpoint) is from the water effects how deep it dives and how far back you need it. and if you have it closer to the water your lure will skip out less. Try the wall, hot water, airport, heads and markers. I often find a small chromie will help break up the boredom with tailor. You'll have to wait for someone with a few more years experience to comment on water temps, fish depths and species.

Regarding things being scared of the motor, i often run my small chrome lures at the back of the propwash.

Good Luck

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Regarding the water temp: even though the weather has been cooler over the last couple of weeks, the ocean being the giant heat sink that it is, takes a while longer to change in temp, and will lag behind the air temperature. I haven't checked but the ocean surface temp should still be in the low 20's and reasonably warm. It's possible that bad weather brings cooler water to the surface at any time though.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong :)

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hi mate

i usully troll my lures at 4 to 6 knots.30 to 45 m trailing

i always put a spread out .

down rigger.rarely

deep diver, middle range diver and people may lough but i always use a medium size rooster popper.

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