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Going up to Lithgow for a try of some Fresh Water fishing. Im gonna bring a fly reel just incase, though i have no experience in Fly Fishing. So if im not too good, im just gonna use my fly rod and just get some fly lures. Also wondering if anyone has been there in the past month or so, if its been going good for trout and what ever fresh water species are in this place. Last year i went to Lithgow they where going off, but just wanna know about this year.



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Spoke to a friend in Oberon yesterday and he said Oberon Dam has been fishing well for the last couple of weeks with Trout and Redfin and pink Tassie Devils doing most of the damage

Thanks mate. hope to catch some big ones :1fishing1:

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I heard oberon was going well too

on lyall theres a right hand turn 700 metres before the wall that runs down to a small inlet

thats good on the fly early morning and late afternoon.

I have no idea how to fly fish but the old fellers throw their wooly buggers

around there a bit and take the piss out of anything that isnt fly related.

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The Farmers creek arm of Lake Lyell has been fishing well for rainbow trout on fly. I have been using a level 4lbs 9ft leader and fishing a weighted nymph under an indicator for plenty of small rainbows up to 2lbs. Dont cast out too far from the bank as most of the fish I have been getting I have caught less than 10m from the shore. Cast out your nymph and let it sink and keep an eagle eye on your indicator for the tiniest movement. If it dips or stalls or moves in any way lift the rod smoothly and gently and you should get onto some nice fish. Good luck. cheers troutboy

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