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Good Friday Session


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Hi all,

I had been dying to go fishing for four weeks - I was like a junkie who was shaking with withdrawls. Finally on Good friday I made it onto the harbour and headed out to squid spot #1. I stayed there for 15mins, but no luck - I attribute this to the murky water.

Then onwards to squid spot #2 which was closer to the heads and therefore clear/cool salt water - First cast and and I'm onto a small specimen :biggrin2: That was it, no more. I tried for 30 mins but no more luck. I changed colour and size. But they wern't on the chew...

Plan B - Yakkas. Back to Clifton for some yakkas and only got the one :1badmood: Anyway, I had a bag of pillies and a coulpe of 5/0 snapper snatchers...

At Clifton I put out 4 rods off my small boat - a bad move!

After a hour I was about to nood off when I heard my bait rod scream zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....zzzzzzzzz....

Jumped up and grabed it! I'm on and its going hard! A kingfish? The rod is 2-4kg wilson live-fiber and the reel is a 4000 diawa with 10lb braid and 30lb leader with 6/0 circle and the livie.

The line went left and right like a torpedo was at the other end and then it took me around one of my other three lines and created a mess!!! After about 2-3mins I landed my first Bonito. It was about 50cm and 1.5kg.

I blead it and have the eye fillets in the fridge for a BBQ tomorrow. I hope it tastes OK, but I heard they are a strong tasting fish and are better as bait than eating? Any suggestions.

Sorry, no pics.



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