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Oil Warning Light


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I went out in Botany Bay yesterday after not using the boat since the end of January. When we first started every now and then (maybe 4 to 6 times in total) the no oil and hot warning lights would give one quick beep and the lights would come on for a second and then go out. There motor was running fine, there was plenty of oil in the tank (the bulb was rock hard) and there was plenty of water comming out of the tell tale.

Because of this we stayed around the runway and after a while it stopped doing this.

The motor is an oil injected 40hp Johnson, and I was wondering whether there is something wrong or whether this was because we hadn't used the boat for a while?

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How much was 'plenty of oil in the tank'? I'm not sure what the relevance of the bulb being hard is either. With most systems the design is such that it will give you plenty of warning before you run out of oil. So you will get an ocassional chirp of the alarm and flash of the warning light to start with, while there is still quite a bit of oil. I think if you fill the oil reservoir up the alarms will therefore stop.

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Hi Lasty, every time you turn the key on and start your outboard the "system check" system on your outboard does a self check and the horn sounds and the all the lights come on and go off in sequence. This is letting you know the horn is working and all is OK with the outboard.

If you are saying the horn would sound and lights go on and off without turning the ignition off then on again I would suspect you have loose battery terminals and you need to make sure they are clean, tight and DO NOT use wing nuts-fit nylock nuts that are tightened with a spanner and can not vibrate free and casue this and many more problem like blown recitifers and more.



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