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Jew Session Middle Harbour


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After starting recovery from the best timed stomach bug in History (it hit wednesday night) I hit middle harbour landbased just before low tide with a heap of squid from earlier sessions to try for

1, a jew or

2, a feed.

threw everything I had at the harbour, whole squid, live yakka, squid strips, squid head, under a float near the surface/near the floor or off the floor I ended up with;

1 very angry and ugly eel (which I hate);

3 just under legal snapper (and several bigger hits I missed);

2 big hits on the yakka and squid, missed both;

and a nice sized blue swimmer which manged to wrap itself in the leader of the paternoster rig,

so the :wife: gets it for lunch today as I am still on iced tea and boiled potato.

Shall try again tomorrow with aim of getting a few more yakkas and then trying for some legal snapper

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