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Trapper Tom

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G'day fishraiders

Thought I'd share this one with you. Funny or Sad!

Have Shady Camp NT booked for the run-off starting 17th. for 5 days.

We go up to different places in NT every 6 mths for the awesome fishing, its a hard life eh.

Decided I need a new wacko rod and reel for casting. Already have really good trolling stuff.

Shop guys really really helpful and walked away with a wackydo rod and reel. They even loaded it up with the 30 briad I wanted etc etc. Won't name the company unless admin says OK but they were very good.

Came home all excited and immediately set to work on the gear and to work out the drag settings etc etc.

Loaded the rod (rated 9kg) and at about 3kgs IT BROKE IN HALF.

$299 Rod dead before it was even used.

After crying and more crying thought yes this was a good thing as just imagine if i did not do this then the first fish would have done it and I would have been stuffed out in the bush.

Called shop and advised No problems bring it in and I get a replacement etc etc. Again really good response.

Geez it hurt at the time though!!!

All good now

Promise to post the pictures of the trip, have not posted in the past as I have only recently joined.

Very Impressive site!


Trapper Tom

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Hope you have a good trip up there you lucky bugger! Thankyou for your obvious effort to work within the rules of Fishraider as a new member. If only everyone did!! After you've been around in the forums for a while you'll very quickly see what is and isn't ok... if in doubt don't post or ask a mod or admin.

Glad you got your rod sorted out and hope we get to read a great post when you come back.

Cheers, Slinky

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