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Hey Fellas

Getting my Daiwa monster mesh soon, and it is the overhead version, using it with a saltist overhead reel.

As it will be used for a lot of things, bottom bashing, jigging and live baiting I am worried a little about my fingers and braid going together and that is not a good mix. More worried when its jigging and bottom bashing.

Is there any good quality jigging gloves that will protect my fingers.

Can you please pm me some stores that have them.



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Hi Mate, There is plenty of brand out there that make gloves, Smith Ltd, Owners (Cultiva), Zest and Aftco all make jigging gloves, the most common ones around latly is the owners one and most shops has these. I have a pair of Smiths and I think they are great. If you can't find any fishing specific ones you could try some gym gloves.



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