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Battel Of The Brunswick Rive


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G'day gang! This story has got to be told.I went up to Brunswick Heads for a 2week break to see my sis and lots of fishng.I hired a tinnie and armed myself 2 rod,live worms and untold lures both SPs and hard bodies .Well as time wore on with no keepers I was getting desperate. So I decided on a slow troll. Five min's in and THUMP I'm on I spin the boat into into the middle of the river and kill the motor (mistake)I've now got about 40m of line out and winding like a man possessed.But dew to an outgoing tide and river flow .I'm drifting down river .With a rampaging fish heading up stream.So with dreams of a Jack or Jew running through my head.I restart the motor and give chase.Doing all this while fighting a fish was a very steep learning curve .Slowly and with the motor on low and a light touch here and there I gained line and got over the top of him and killed the motor (you'ed think I'd have learnt)started to pump and wind .Within a min or two I got my fist look at him .A flash of silver and he was gone again.A bit more pump and wind and I had him in view a good Trever.But he was'nt beaten yet .One look at my mug and he headed for the deapths again. That was his last.But as he nears the surface I look up to see I'm drifting toward a rocky point .Two or three more pumops and he's on top .I grab the leader and swing him abord just as the boat nudge's up against the rocks .A quick push off with the ore I restart the motor and I'm out of trouuble.And here he is 2kg of Teavaly .Can any one tell me what type post-8657-1239925120_thumb.jpg

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I'll go against the flow & call it for a Turrum. ( GT)

The spots on it's back give it away & I've caught quite a few bigeye here in the Tweed & they are a different looking fish with a different body & eyes more forward & up on a not so rounded head.

Here's a Tweed Bigeye.



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G'day gang thanks one and all. yer I was'nt sure if was a GT.so I thought I'D leave to the experts before I made a call.I'm now going for a Big eye.I was useing 20lb braid main line.But I was hedging my bets and had a 10lb flouro leader.Sorry if I seem all over the shop here.But I do this at work(I'm a hairdresser)so I can be in the middel of some thing a client comes in and I have to drop everything :05: I'll post some more pic's holiday pic's later.

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G'day Mullet,

After all that I think Jewhunter is right and that it isn't a Big Eye.... notice the colour of the scutes near the tail. Big Eye's have a dark line of Scutes. It's definitely not a GT (not enought scutes) and I don't think it's a Gold Spot (Turrum) either (wrong body shape).

I now think it might actually be a Brassy Trevally. See the white tips I mentioned before.... The caudal fin (the one behind its bum hole) actually has a white border to it which is meant to be one of the key distinguishing features.

Damn Trevally... there's dozens of the buggers and they're really hard to pick....

Cheers, Slinky

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