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Perch From Macquarie River


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Hey Raiders,

A quick post to celebrate my first perch (36cms) that I extracted from the Macquarie River at Dubbo. Took the family out to the zoo, young kids..... what can I say. I did take couple of lighter rods and cruised a couple of the tackle stores there for the right lures... Well, I spent a few bucks again, tossed them around for nil. Decided it was time for a bit of bait with a running sinker on the bottom, so put some earth worms on...waiting...waiting... no good. Thought I would try something desperate, so without my normal tackle box, I put on an empty plastic M&M tube half filled with water to make it stand up right in the water as a float. A good cast next to some big trees in the river and got wacked!! A brief fight and a little but of line pulled of the 4000 twinpower (i know a little heavy, but they said there was cod over there) and landed this baby..

Very pleased, improvisation and new locale, chuffed!!!!




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thanks guys, not normally a fresh water fisho, except for the annual trip to Southland for the big trout.

Was a good experiment and will try do a bit more of it around Sydney from time to time.

cheers :thumbup:

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