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I wouldn't stress about that. If 20kg is your luggage limit you've still packed too many clothes, just wear more on the plane, they wont weigh you. You could also try to get your mrs to wear some of your chromies as Jewellery so as to fit more in your bag. She'll love the idea as long as you dont forget remove hooks or at least crush barbs (joking).

On a more serious note:

not sure if you're heading overseas or not but i've heard some guys have trouble importing gulps and other similar biodegradables because they have fishy stuff in them that gets flagged by Quarintine so dont get too many of those confiscated $$$. Also, Quarintine will be interested in you if you fish freshwater whilst overseas so if you do, keep in mind what needs to be washed and declared.

Good luck

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Just make sure you have no reels in hand luggage or if you have to, take the spools off and only take the bodies in hand luggage. They recon you might try strangle people with the line...... :wacko:

Make sure rods are in a tube and if they rattle stick a few tshirts in there as packing or you might find a guide missing when you arrive.


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Thanks for all the advice guys! But I find a rod tube to cumbersome and heavy. So I used my noodel.Poole noodels that is.Holow one are the best.Top harf of the rod goes up the middel. And the rest can be cut to size and fitted over the gides.

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