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Middle Harbour Lb


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Hey raiders

spent the afternoon flicking plastics with my little brother down at Roseville. Heaps of big mullet jumping and annoying toadfish around. Starting with 70mm Squidgy Fish in Grasshopper. Got a few decent hits and dropped one close to shore, that tore the plastic apart, but no good hookups :mad3: Then switched to the trusty 70mm Squidgy Flickbait in Flashprawn and downgraded jig head from 6 gram to 2gram. That brought about immediate success. After countless hours spent fishing and buying rods, jigheads and lures, a fish was landed.......problem was it my brother with the rod in hand :mad3: . A little tailor became his first fish on SP.


Not long later i got rod back. Things weren't going to plan so i decided to speed the retrieval up and whack, i caught a little tailor too!


One strange thing that did happen was, I tied on an 80mm bloodworm wriggler and was just mucking around and decided to fish it like a popper across the top. About 10 metres from shore a decent fish burst out of the water but didnt hookup :05: wouldve been kool to see what it was. In all, was finally a nice day to do some fishing and hopefully my bro is hooked on fishing now too :yahoo:

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