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Fisherman Dead, Another Missing At Bondi

Chris 55

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A fisherman has died after being washed off rocks at North Bondi this morning in the second serious incident at the same place within the last 24 hours.

The man, believed to be aged in his late 20s, was swept off Ben Buckler Point at around 8.20am.

Police involved in the search for a 58-year-old Moorebank man — who was hit by several large waves at a nearby spot at around 6.40pm last night — were diverted to his rescue.

Polair managed to winch the victim out of the water and an ambulance waiting at Watson's Bay wharf took him to St Vincent's Hospital, but he was declared dead a short time later.

Officers then returned to the search for the missing man, who had been fishing in front of the sewerage works when he was struck by a number of large waves last night.

The missing man's companion, from Moree in northern NSW, was able to cling to rocks and contacted emergency services to raise the alarm.

A search on Friday night, including rescue helicopters, water police and coastal patrol vessels, failed to find the man, and the search was called off at 8.45pm due to rough conditions.

The other fisherman was taken to St Vincent's Hospital as a precaution but later released.

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Very sad news. It is just not worth the risk of losing your life over a fish. The past week has been shockin with some crazy weather. I wont even fish inside the breakwall here at Forster as there were waves around 3ft entering the lake.

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