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Fishing Bobbin Head- Advice Needed


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Hello there,

I am hiring a boat tomorrow morning from bobbin head marina to go fishing all day.

As this is my first boat based fishing trip, i ask if you have any places around that area that i could try.

i am easy on what i catch, but i would like some good size flatheads and anything else that could feed us for a night. i dont have the best gear,eg, i dont have braided line, daiwa reels etc.

but the strongest line i have is 15lb mono, so i doubt i will be able to haul in any jewfish. but a kingfish would make my day (its my 22nd birthday)

do you have any tips for me on where to go in that area?

Also, as i have never fished from a boat before, do i still use long leaders and running sinkers? i intend on using 1M leader of 15lb mono to a swivel and then a running sinker on my 15lb main line.



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i will be buying whole pilchards for bait and a few whole squids, but i will try to get some yakkas when im there.

do you think i am going about this all wrong by not having proper leaders? how easily will fish bite though the .28mm 15lb mono? is it worth me buying a small reel of something like 20lb flurocarbon or braid so i can use that as leaders?

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Try the red channel marker opposite waratah bay. It's not too far from bobbo. If the tide is not running too hard, its good. In waratah itself can be ok - hae seen some monster lizards cruising around in there, but haven't caught one.

It'd recommend that you go for something a little more modest though, in terms of fish size - the biggest you may get typically is a small soapie jew.

If you can pick up some live worms or nippers from a tackle shop on your way there, that will add to the quality of the day, i'd suggest. Pillies get picked to pieces by the little reddies in cowan ck.

And though I'm not a fan of trawling in the hawkesbury, if you do take some frozen bait, make sure you take some hawkesbury prawns. They must be hawkesbury prawns - windybanks.

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