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Big Sea Turtles In Lake Macquarie


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tryed 4 a flatty flick thismorning but the wind nearly made it imposible, got a tiny flatty throw back and a follow right to the boat by a big lizard! i was reading in the paper the other day and they found a big sea turtle dead on the shore in lake mac, apparently it looked like it had been hit by a boat, 2day i :1yikes: seen 2 of em :1yikes:

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thats awsome mate ive never seen them in the lake, not that i get out there as often as id like, i love it when flatties follow your plastic up to the boat its always pretty exciting.

also mate if you ever need some company on the boat let me know and we can have a flick for some bream and flatties in the lake.



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Hi Diver1, we've seen turtles at Bensville/Kincumber, they give you a bit of a start when you first see them, as it is generally all quiet and then they rise out of nowhere, and yes I agree , nothing like seeing a flattie follow your plastic , even better when they latch on.


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