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No Car Land Based

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gday boys and girls

been cruising around the join for a while having a look at different posts and well im a landbased mainly sp flicker who doesnt have a car so just wondering if anyone has some good places to go flick some sp's around sydney dnt min d travelling not a massive problem just cant do it by car hahah

neways guys im in liverpool and just looking for some advice

whilethe name says bass beginner thats cos im beggining on bass ive got a fair few years under me belgt fishing with the old bloke for your bread and butter species, bream, whiting flathead snapper pigs etc...

tight lines


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yeah i did a lil bit of fishing liverpool wier this year for bass but it tends to be a very short spell that they hang around there forncos they disapeared very quicklyy but yeah thx for that

any advice from others would also be apreciated

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Mate do what i used to do when i was younger and had no car... Take the train to the nearest station, get a ferry if u have to... walk.. and in sum cases strap ur rods to the frame of ur push bike and start peddling!

Close to you liverpool wier is a good spot for bass, u can flick plastics up along the shorline downstream of the wier untill the track is unwalkable. Ive caught flathead and bream below the wier. Any of the rock walls and fallen trees in and around chipping norton lakes isnt too bad as well as cabramatta creek.

If ur really keen u can take a train to hawkesbury river and walk along the railway line there and go fish the rail bridge. Or try gunamatta bay near cronulla station.

I think back to me and a mate on the cityrail system 5am saturday mornings rigging up rods and crap in the train, comming home with stinky buckets of fish ahahaha

The things we got away with as kids. No shame :thumbup:



I agree Thats what i did when dad wasn't into fishing Take a train to cronulla hav a fish at gunnamatta bay, Como and then walk or under the bridge i remember bike riding to fishing places with some mates back in year 9 :074: People In the train were just staring when we were coming back since we got bag limit off some massive bream down at cars park and since we Had some very stinky fish :074: But riding a bike 2 fishing is definately a fun adventure that you should consider :thumbup: Some spots i have been to by bike Carrs park, Brighton-dolls point, Entrance of cooks river, And even once at blues point.

Do you have any mates on P's??? MAtes can hav fishing trips with you too

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