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Fishing In Darwin


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Hey guys,

My sister has been living up in darwin for a while now and every time i speak to her on the phone im always talking about how much of a waste it is for her not to be fishing while she's up there. Well i think the water torture has finally worked and she's decided to give it a crack. So i just wanted to know if anyone has any experence in fishing darwin land based.

I've suggested she try give nightcliff jetty a go as that seems to be a popular spot but i can't find any info for techniques which have success up there and target species. I'd love to get her onto a queeny or long tail tuna or something like that but even just some sweet lip or other decent eating species would be great!

Any idea's for spots and how to fish them etc????



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Ok after the huge response i got on this thread before im taking it that not to many people have been fishing in darwin!!! :074:

Im now going to be heading home through darwin for a week or so on my way back to australia after a 2 year absence and i still haven't wet a line since i left and can't see it happening before i get back there so if anyone has any info on good places to fish round darwin by car or possibly even by tinnie as i might hire one whilst im up there that would be great . Also if anyone has any info on good charters available up there it would be much appreciated!


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Fished in the harbor about two years ago on a touristy half day charter. Caught lots of small gold band snapper, around 1.5k and other things that I can't remember the names for, close in to the mangroves. Moved out to a deeper hole and I got a 20K Black Jew, the other guys got ones at 15k and 11k best $80 I ever spent! Am sure the locals will be able to help you out and recommend some proper charters. Buy them a six pack of xxxx for their troubles and you'll be sweet :1fishing1:

Have sent you a PM

Good fishing


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Hi Craig

We spent a week in Darwin recently, primarily a fishing come photography trip. Hired a car and fished land based around Nightcliff, East point, Buffallo Creek and a boat ramp near the Port with varying success.

Had a cast net (plenty of bait available). Always managed a feed, however caught a lot of catfish and smallish sharks. Nothing of any size, but some great runs that I could not land. Never the less plenty of action and got some great pictures.

Cheers Greg

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