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Harbour Inspiration Required - Please Help!


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Hi All,

I am taking a couple of non fishing mates out in my 14ft tinny on the harbour on saturday arvo.

I've talked it up a bit and would really like to get them on to something big enough for a feed or at least something that puts a good bend in the rod.

Will probably only be out from 2:30 till dark. Was considering doing some trolling, maybe south from the heads as I find this an easiest way to get non fishos onto something that looks a reasonable size. Not sure if there has been much around though??

I know the harbour well, but due to other commitments (including marlin fishing :)) have not been out for quite a while. I am looking for some inspiration on what to try and a heads up on whats been biting from any of you who have been lucky enough to get out lately. I figure that the water is starting to cool and there will not be as much activity as there would have been a couple months ago.

Thank you in advance for your replies.

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