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Shakespeare Ugly Stik Tiger Rods


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I've never used one but I know that they are one of Jewgaffers favourites.

I'm sure he give you a short reply soon! :074:



I started off with two 10-50 lb Tiger Rods in 1979 and now have twelve because I like mellow yellow as a sherbert :thumbup:

Mark84, they are 7' American models and have been exactly the same for over 30 years, you would be talking about buying from the U.S. and they are top value at around $80 U.S. plus around thirty for a 2 piece sent over by airmail and it would be well worth bringing in two or three or more, in the one parcel...


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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i just bought one, and now reading this makes me feel i have made a good decision for a jewfish and kingfish rod :D

edit: mine is 6 - 10 KG, but it is the exact model number you mentioned.. weird

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