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Been watching for a while,but this is my first post as have finally had something useful to report!

Recently moved to the Gold Coast and had plenty of free time for fishing before i start work. I decided that I may as well stick to lures and only lures, mainly soft plastics and trying to target bream with flatties as a happy bycatch around bridges mainly. A few under sized flatties and random pike/flounder/cod but no bream, until the last couple of days.


A mate came up from Sydney and we hired a tinnie and into canals on the Nerang. A few drifts resulted in a 43cm flatty to him, and a little bream for me for under a jetty. I was mainly fishing a 1/28th #1 or 2 jig head 4 inch turtleback worm in pumpkinseed, plenty of runs but only the one hook up (through the eye!)... I've tried cutting off the first 4cm or so but get less hits and still no hookups! Also tried the 2 inch grubs but no hook ups.

Still, good times drifting along and flicking at boats and jetties, much more fun than just waiting for bait to get hit. A second flattie for dinner on the drift over sandbanks in the broadwater before we dropped the tinnie back.


Wandering along and flicking into a channel along the broadwater for a couple of hours. Wind was up a bit so decided to go with a 1/4 jig head and 120mm squidgy pro flick bait in pacific pearl. Got on to another nice legal flatty so happy days! Saw 4 or 5 seagulls diving in the channel so figured there might be something chasing underneath. Cast out and let it sink then ripped back, couple of hits but no hook up and the tail was still there so figured it wasn't tailor. Cast again, reeled slightly slowler and get a hookup! Brought him in and it was a fat bream and 28cm - couldn’t believe after all I’ve seen about being subtle and light for bream and this fella nailed a big plastic at speed! Jetski came through soon after, birds left no more fish…Went back to hopping the plastic and picked up another undersize flatty soon after before packing up for the day. Released both the legals and sorry no pics as I was wading…

Can’t wait to get a kayak when the $ allow so I can avoid the snags and get in amongst the pontoons and boats regularly!



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