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Harbour Sat

King slayer

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Hey Raiders,

Hit the harbour yesterday with two mates.

The plan was to get plenty of live squid and yakkas and try some pre selected spots for jew at the tide change and kings after that.

Two of us (me and Brent-AKA BigB) started the morning at 4am from tunks and 2.5hrs later we had no squid! Tried the spit and our usual sure spots in north harbour, but nothing at all. Picked up Brett from Manly about 6.30. Brett came with a spare battery cause the two we brought were flat!! well it was flat too and poor preparation had once again come to bite us :mad3:

We knew of a good spot for tiny yakkas lately so picked up a hand full of them before heading of to try a good daylight location for some squid. We were more confident now as daytime is far more successful for us on the calamari, plus we has Brett on board (we call him the 'Calamari Kid', cause he usually out fishes us in that department. As were about to deploy jigs we spotted diving birds and just had to throw the pre rigged poppers at the action. First cast and Brett has been dive bombed by one of the birds which was too fast for him to pull the lure away from. at least twenty minutes of delicate surgery later, he flew off happily.


We were out of time by then for squid so took our yakkas to the spot for jew. Set up and put out a bait selection of mullet head, live yakkas and pillies. First hook up was Brett with a nice 52cm Flattie, caught on two pillies pinned through the eye on a single hook.


Brent had multiple big hits on the yakkas and despite trying everything from holding the rod, bait runner on, locked drag, not holding the rod etc, kept missing them. We eventually changed the hook, which was quite sharp, to a lighter gauge, but the fish went off the bite after that. I had the excact same set up on the back of the boat and it went un touched. Incidentally, the hits all came straight after I dropped a burley bomb down.

We could not find any more yakkas in the vicinity, only tonnes of jelly fish, and so took what we had left to some king spots. Tried briefly and burleyed a few spots for no hits and eventually jackets destroyed our last livies.

What a beautiful day on the water, and next time we'll get those buggers with some fresh squid!

Big thanks to Zenman for the recent info shared which we put into practice to today. ;)

Cheers, Dave

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