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Half Hooks, Bitten Off!


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Went down and pumped some nippers today, fished the bay.

I must have lost 7 or 8 hooks, snapped off, just like cut with pliers.

Maybe lots of oversize puffer fish about??...managed to bag a good sized flounder and bream.

Heaps of small rays as well..kept me busy.

Good day out except for all the half hooks :(

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Leather Jackets me thinks, lots of thema round, tooooo many!!!

Well might be... although I have never caught one or seen one caught where I was fishing.

Caught a 60cm puffer last week, some spot..which I managed to land, with bent hook.

F%#@*$ bit me too boot. :mad3:

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I'd also have to add that it sounds more like puffers to me.

Did you get any big pulls on the rods with those bitten in half hooks?

No most of the time I didnt even know the bait was gone, till I went to bait the hook.

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