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Jarvis Marine Watersnake?


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I am looking at buying a JM Watersnake SWDR 54lb/54 bow mount electric for my soon to be finished project boat. (Quintrex Fishrunner 4.4mtr)

My boat is the old fishrunner 4.4 centre console and I have added casting decks and underfloor live wells etc etc etc. Been a great project and the boat fishes well, but now need an electric for it.

I can't afford the minn kotas, so was wondering are the watersnakes a good starter motor for a beginner to electrics? and will the 54lb/54" shaft be a good compatibility with my boat?


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their a good motor man the only thing i will suggest is if the boat is not garaged get a quick release bracket for it so it can be put away as the weather makes them look pretty bad pretty quick my looks very average now 2-3 years old and is just starting to play up new circut board on its way appart from that well worth the money i think


note: i have the 54 lbs on my 435 hornet trophy not a light boat with all the decking gear and 2 fat blokes onboard and it moves it well

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I would up the size of the motor for a 4.4mtr boat.

I have a transom mount 44lb Watersnake that I run on my 3.4mtr tinny & I am happy with it for the money I paid.

Get a decent 100 amp hr deep cycle battery & you'll be on your way.



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A friend of mine has a watersnake and swears by it. I had a motor guide wireless and from memory it was not much more than the snake, the only anoying thing was the "beep" noise everytime you turned.

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I have had a watersnake for a while now and am more than happy with it's performance. It pushes a 4.1m polycraft along very well for what I need.

The only issue is I blew the bum out of the control card recently. Salt corrosion killed it but it only cost me about $50 to replace it.


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Hey coastbloke,

I am another with a 54lbs bow mount watersnake on my 4.35 hornet and it has never let me down.

A 100a/h is a must and yes must be sealed.

You pay more for it but definatly well worth it.

Stay away from car batteries.

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I have had the digital 44 bow mount for 4 months now and the remote controls have never worked. I was sent another control and circuit board and it has made no difference so of to the repair man she goes. It is mounted on a 4m sea jay and pushes her along quite nicely ( with the foot control ) I am using an 85ah deep cycle battery and have had no problems.

Coastbloke just a quick tip always store your battery on a block of timber if its not permanently in the boat or it will die very quickly.

Cheers Shane.

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Honestly mate, ive never seen an electric on a boat that size, and definetly not on a heavy fiberglass hull.

U can get sum higher powered leccy's but would u want to? U'd be running it off 24 volt so dual battery setups, u would need to cut up the bowrail on a perfectly great boat, u'd be fishing off the back while moving forward, and when the wind blows u've got plenty of surface area to catch the wind and blow u all over the shop.

Its hard but 2 boats would be the ideal. I wish i could get a nice boat for offshore and keep the tinnie for the river!


your right , i didnt even think about how heavy it is :1prop: and when its windy its like a sail, a tinny just for fishen would be awesome but room restraints and money would stop that. thanks for the thoughts.

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