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Recomend A Light Baitcaster Combo


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My Brithday next week mum says she'll get me a rod n reel for under 300$ i was thinking of getting a really light baittcaster conbo For bream and whitting and flathead. But also able to handle pelagics like frigates bonnies and rat kingies

Line class was thinking 4-6lb and hold quite alot of line

It must beable to cast some really light lures such as SX-40's and tinny popper with precision and distance.

Hoper fully really light weighted and tiny reel around half the size of a mans fist

I know this is alot to ask for :074: But any ideas what i could get???

Thanks for all replies :thumbup:


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Hey A.Dawg.

If you want to be able to cast SX40s then you'd be better off thinking a light spin combo. And there's more choices for you in this range. You can cast pretty accurately with a good spin combo if you develop your technique.

Baitcasters, although cast accurately if well trained, are more suited for casting heavier lures and for those who have more patience to pick out birds nests when the bite gets hot! :1badmood:


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G'day A.Dawg, yeah when I read your post I thought the same as Royboy, I would go for a spin combo like an Ian Miller Rack Raider style of rod and a Shimano Symetre 2500 type reel , this is going on your $300.00 price tag , might even have a bit left over for some braid.

Good luck with your shopping..


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