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Trouble With Rocket Launchers

Jono Hammond

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Hello all

Just wondering if it was just me or has anyone else had any trouble with rocket launchers

By trouble i mean loosing rods from them while driving

I have lost 1 when i went over a large boats wake.

didn't think that a rod would come out of them but i am going to make a catch for them now, was thinking some stainless wire and a safety latch. Will post pics once done.

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I'd do your reels a favour and work out a way of storing them inside the boat. All the driven saltwater spray gets into the internals and creates havoc. If you get the drag wet (which can happen) then the reel is useless until it is stripped down and the drag dried out.

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I use the bungee cord to keep them secured. Also leave the reel covers on till I use them and make sure the offsider does not put his up their all rigged up with a 10-12oz singer attached...deadly when it works loose.

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