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Middle Harbour Jew

King slayer

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Hit middle harbour last night (Sunday) in my mates tinnie for the evening high.

I got to tunks ramp before my mate (Brent) who had the boat, so I started catching a few of the MILLIONS of poddie mullet that were nearly eating out of my hand. Caught 10 or so by the time Brent arrived with the boat. Added these to the two big bully's I caught a few hours earlier (couldn't quite keep them alive) and off to the spot as the tide was turning in one hours time.

Sent out two livies and a fillet and waited. The first livie to go off soon after was mine and a little whaler came boat side and self released with my hook in it.

Soon after I picked up the slab just to check it and up came a big male blue swimmer! Happy with that one tied up in the box, we were just talking about how good this spot is with this being the second visit and both productive....Gotta love that.

The tide turned at 9pm and by 10.40 I said I'd better go soon sinc I had work the next morning at 7. Sure enough after saying that out loud, my rod gets a good hit and a miss hookup :mad3: Not 5 seconds later, Brents rod goes off and he's on :yahoo: ....65cm jewie comes into view.

At this point, and after he's safely aboad we were man hugging and woohooing quite a bit. :thumbup:

Packed up soon after with no more hits.

One thing that did strike me was that we got him 2 hours into the run out, one night after full moon, albeit in deep water. that's two rules bent if you read those books. I have noticed a few raiders getting jew in the rivers lately no where near the tide turn. I guess all rules will be broken!?

This was a very special capture for my friend Brent who has put in many hours over the last year in search of a jew, and this was it. Well done buddy :thumbup: When asked was it all worth it? he said without hesitation, "Hell yeah!". I know what he means.

Sorry no pics yet.

Till next week!


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Hey dave,

Brent or brett?... Our carpet layer mate?

Mate when it comes to jew, u need to know so much, which only experience gives u over time... and then forget it all coz jew can be caught anywhere, anytime, dontch u worry!.. And on top of that, they arnt THAT easy to catch regularly!

Read up everything anyone has ever posted about catching them- a few main points will stand out, but overall its all over the shop.

We'll have a go soon.


Brent mate, My two best fishing buddies have nearly the same name!


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