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Old Tinny Conversion To Bass Boat


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Picked up this old punt for $200 including 5HP outboard.

I've already been stripping paint from the interior for a few nights but there is so far to go it doesn't really matter that I didn't get photos from day one.

I'll add more photos as I go.

This is the plan....

Strip as much paint off as possible with the remaining 2L of stripper

Soda Blasting

Epoxy Putty Fill holes

Etch Prime

Undercoat spray

Topcoat spray

Install false floor

Bait tanks

Anchor well and storage hatch

Rod holders


Then go fishin'



over 12ft long, really happy with the shape


the inside started with 60% orange enamel paint ontop of 2 undercoats


tonight I finished stripping the front section


found this nice hole under some putty, mmmmmmm

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  • 2 months later...

Slow progress but still chipping away at this old punt.

I ended up getting the last bit of paint taken off professionally with a soda blaster. I just got bored of stripping paint.

Went to get the holes welded up but they sent me home since there was foam behind some of the holes. I've cut holes in the seats with an angle grinder and borrowed a mates gurney to blast out the foam. That mess was from a test blast I did tonight.

Unfortunately the neighbours won't appreciate gurney running at night so I'll have to wait until this weekend to finish removing the foam. Then its back to the welder to patch up holes.




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8 months later and serious progress has been made...

The punt got stuck at the welders for at least a month and I lost motivation for a couple of months while I focused a spot of fishing.

Here is what's been going on with the boat.

Undercoated Norglass Primer

2x Topcoat Norglass Paint

Installed Aluminium frame

Wooden floor installed

Now I'm in the process of carpeting the floors. Not much fun dealing with a 4L tin of super glue. I lost 2 paint scrapers and last night found them at the bottom of the glue tin :wacko:

Here are some photos I took last night.




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I used Norglass single pack and applied using a spray gun. :wife: wasn't too happy about me building a spray booth in the garage. Yesterday when I had a winge about foul nail polish smell she laughed and reminded me that our house stunk of paint for about 2 weeks :1prop:

The decks are made from standard ply wood (a friend donated). I double coated with bathroom waterproofing rubber paint. There are 2 sheets of ply glued together, the top sheet has slightly larger hatch openings to give me an edge to sit the hatch cover on.

Still to go:

Bait tank

Battery and Electrics

Rod Holders


Install fish finder

Find trailer

Anyone have a old trailer hanging around that they don't need ;)



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hi wttmrwolf,

you have done a get job with the conversion. it looks great!!! :thumbup::thumbup:

the more i look at it the more i want to go get myself another boat to work on lol. (if only i had the cash to upgrade)

well done mate and cant wait to see the finished product..


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