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Pike Fishing


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Hey all

I went squidding at Summerland point jetty last night (lake macquarie) and while i was watching the Water i could see sliver flashes alot which ive been told are the pike swimming around and ive got a few questions about them, is it worth targetting them to put in the freezer as cut bait? what sort of bait do they like? im thinking fresh squid would be good.

Also the rig i was thinking of using was just gonna be a simple one of 1 Hook and a sinker, is 30lb leader to big or do they have big teeth?

Any information would be great

Thank you

P.S. last night i seen a Massive long fish swimming around the jetty on the surface and im wondering if we have hairtail in lake macquarie?

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G'day BTK

Fished Lake Mac for many years

Hairtail like deeper water

If it was cruising around a jetty was probably a Long Tom.

You can get some big ones up there.

I generally don't let pike in the boat as they stink and are considered minus points to the person who lands it.

I know some guys reakon there OK as kingy bait though!

Cheers Trapper Tom

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?did you get any squid?

i only got 1 squid, decent sized, but i went down at like 12.30 and stayed till 1AM, i left because there didnt seem to be many around and i was freezing



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