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Is It Worth Fishing Tomorrow?


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Hello all,

Got the day off work tomorrow so I might sneak out for a spot of fishing.

I'll be catching the train from Turramurra, probably to Brooklyn aka. Hawkesbury River

I won't be able to get there til about 9.30 and will have to be back around 2.

Now I've checked the tides and weather conditions which are looking good, however the wind direction is a westnorthwesterly which I have heard is terrible for wtting your line, it supposedly gets them off the bite.

All the bait I'v got are a week old prawns and pilchards - the pilchies are salted and oiled up. I've got cheddar cheese too which I have heard is good for bream.

The species I am targeting are bream and tailor as per usual, but me as a young squire would just love to pop my flatty cherry.

Any help?

Is it worth going in these wind conditions, using these baits and metal lures, in the middle of the day?

where should I try that is within about 20 minutes walking dist. from a train station?

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