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Mid Morning At Cg

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Gday Raiders,

I just got back from a mid morning session at CG (11am - 1.45pm). Not alot of rubbish this time and only around 6 fisho's.

After 30 mins my mate's rod bend over and he grabbed it. It looked sizable by the curve in the rod. He had caught a small bream and to our surprise, it had a basketball size occy hanging onto it. As soon as it surfaced the occy spat out the bream which somehow unhooked it as well.

One guy there caught a small flathead and another a large-ish LJ.

No other catches but a good couple of hours on the sun.

Hope your luck is better.



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Next time come extra early with me and we can take the good spots :1prop: .

CG is so hit and miss and lately I havent seen many kings there at all :thumbdown: .

Good to hear no rubbish.



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