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Australia Day On Georges River


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hey guys i know it was like 4 months ago but did anyone get photos of a 23 bertram with like 50 flags on it, i had a 100 people take photos of me and stupid me forgot to take a photo of my own boat as it was best dressed on the day,

thanks for your time guys n girls

this is her but without the flags


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Nah but ive seen u on the water most other weekends loaded up with flags!

Have u still got her? Havnt seen her docked in the usual spot lately... Or have u just pulled down all the riggers and tower and wacked that cover over it for now?


she is on a trailer now still looking the same


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Thats right, i seen her today. 1st out the back then on the street... Mate she will be up there with the best on the river once she is complete!

All the best!


thanks mate. i was just finishing stripping the last of the wiring and she iss off to get the bottom of the hull painted today , then off to get the new motor installed

cheers andy

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