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Massive Shark Lurks Metres From Shore At Moreton Island


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Massive shark lurks metres from shore at Moreton Island

ANGLER Col O'Donnell has seen the arrival of some fierce competition at his favourite fishing spot.

But the experienced fisherman is happy to step back and let the latest visitors, a group of whaler sharks, catch their fill, watching in awe as they herd their prey and devour it with ruthless efficiency.

Mr O'Donnell's fishing mate Alex Augheros snapped a photo of this terrifying tourist - a five-metre predator identified by experts as a whaler - cruising just metres from shore at Moreton Island, off Queensland's coast.

The shark had four hungry buddies with him.

The fishing spot is close to Stradbroke Island where bronzed whaler sharks killed a 21-year-old woman in 2006.

Mr O'Donnell, 72, says he quickly retreated to higher ground.

"We were fishing at Long Point, on the southern end of Moreton Island, when the sharks came in for the bait fish," he said.

"It was certainly exciting. I was in knee-deep water and had to take a few steps back, while keeping an eye on the rod and an eye on the sharks.

"I've never seen them at that spot before."

Mr O'Donnell, who has fished in the area for years, said he was happy to share his fishing spot with the ocean's finest hunters.


Fierce competition ... some terrifying tourists found a nice fishing haunt close to Col O'Donnell.

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go on Mr Odonnell

get some heavy gear and chuck em a line

and hold on for dear life :1fishing1:


Squid Hunter

:074: Thats the first thing I thought of, I reckon ol' col from moretan island would have a heart attack before he dragged that up the beach tho

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