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Broken Bay Fads And More


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hi the BB fad today for 6 dollies, 2 keepers @ 60+ cm

A few small throwback snapper at Boltons and some nice 40cm flathead off the front of Lion Island

A mate got a nice kingie, a big big tailor and some trevs at east reef

a great day - better in close with no 2m swell as there was at the fad

always great to be cruising blue water

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We were out on Hawkesbury Sunday morning, I dunno how many LJ's we cuaght and were bitten off. Scored a nice flattie, but that was about it.

I've noticed the last 4 or 5 times I've gone out fishing from Juno Point out to Box Head/Barrenjoey that there are no little bream and squires having a go at my baits/SPs, normally they are fairly prevelant.

Did you see the big red buoy? It was a couple of km outisde the mouth, then about 2hrs later it was to the south of Lion Island, not sure what it was or what is was from.


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never saw a red buoy but did find a few traps out around east reef and out near the FADs

Boltons was doing ok with a few snapper as well - the north east corner of boltons tends to do well in my experience

also about 100-200m straight off lion island in the sand/weed was a great flathead drift - i'd always heard of this being a productive drift but I've never really tried it - got 3 x 35 to 40cm flatties in maybe 4 drifts so i'm guessing it's a goer fo the future

even though the lunar bits and pieces weren't aligned, i.e. it wasn't a black day in the old almanac (well I don't think it was) and the water temp was down a bit (around 21 deg) the day was firing until 2pm or so

not sure why but i'm not complaining

and all on dead pilchards and squid so there was nothing fresh and tantalizing in the bait presentation department

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