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Fish Cakes (leather Jacket)

Moro Mou

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After another outing where all i caught were leather jackets i decided i do my best to keep the population down and keep a few to make fish cakes. My wife is not a big fish eater so anyway i can hide the fish a little normally gets positive replys on the eating stakes.

This is my latest take on a fish cake recipie.

- Leather Jacket fillets (boned)

- 1 medium onion finely chopped

- 2 chillis (hot) roughly chopped

- A knob of ginger finely chopped

- A splash of soy sauce

- half a cup of corn flake crumbs

- Salt and pepper

The above was thrown in a food processer with a splash of olive oil. The blended mix was then moulded into small patties, rolled in flour and then shallow fried in olive oil.

The sweet taste of the leather jacket combined with the chilli was a winner and the wife went back for seconds.

I know some people use Aussie salmon for fish cakes but would be interested to learn other raiders favorite recipies.

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