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Shady Camp Report

Trapper Tom

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post-6141-1242622553_thumb.jpgG'Day Fishraiders

Now that I have finally figured out the photo bit.

Went up to Shady camp mid April specifically for the run-off, 5 days. My mate Andrew, his son Cameron and myself have been planning the same for the last 6 months (generally try to go somewhere new every 6 mths) The objective was to nail the > 1metre Barra. Planned first 2 days in the fresh due to the tides, 3rd day was sight see day off and 4-5 was saltwater side.

We always do DIY trips as it provides much more freedom and really tests your fishing skills and knowledge.

For this one, boat was a polycraft hired from Point Stuart Lodge where we stayed. No sounder no gadgets no nothing except of course a motor. Went beautifully smooth.

Day 1. Tides and NO run-off meant no boats could get to the salt water side of the barrage so when we hit the water there were more boats than you could poke a stick at, like Pitt St. Picked up a few Barra but the traffic was appalling and all were frowning. Then lunchtime Bingo all the boats disappeared as access to the saltwater was available. From then had a ball, Barra after barra. Approx 20 fish for the day, 50% were legals and came home bagged out. Limit was 2 fish per person.

Day 2 After dinner the night before and talking to all the guys, guides and pro's at the bar, everybody was raving that lime green SP with red heads were the gun go. That fact did not escape us the day before as everybody had them on. So being wily old B@#%%ds went for 2 rods SP's and 2 rods HB's. Essentially same pattern as the day before waited for peak hour to abait then went seriously hunting. All up zippo on SP got all fish on HB's. Had learn't a bit from the day before so the estimated catch for the day was around 30 again 50% legals, best went 80cms. Noted at the bar that night nobody had nailed it like us over the last 2 days but being modest little vegimites running around in a laughable little yellow polycraft, for which we got the required bagging out and laughs both on and off the water, said not to much. But you just gotta love those massive barra fishing platforms the guides use- huge amount of dollars. All went to bed with puffed out chests, reackon young Cameron looked like Arnold Scnitchalberger, he DID brag to all the big people, goota love him did well. Andrew and me sat back and had a quiet beer(NOT).

Day 4 and 5. Now this was the real test. No run-off to fish the creeks and small tides. Tried casting to creeks for small tidal movment and discolouration for about 3 hours for about a few fish. Ok NOT GOOD.

Cheif exective meeting held over 2 beers each, not including Cameron, the discision was if no run off must look for the eddies and fish holding structures with eddies. Had seen the guides using SP and they were not getting anything so ALL HB's. Done. Instant payout. Over the next 3 hours got approx 25-30 barra to just over 90cms. One of the guys we had got friendly with at the bar on one of the guide boats, kindly gave us a compliment and yelled You B@##$%^ds. Cameron became Arnold Snitchalberger again. Day five we knew even more about the river and really scored some quality fish constantly. The objective of the one metre Barra was not looking good. So what does every good fisherman do, Hey If I Take a leak it will garrentee a big fella. So Mr wiggly makes his appearance and yes without a lie it did happen. 100m of 30lb braid lost in the first run, had 150 spooled, OK no probs here, got back 50, ran again for 50m Ok reakon I have him now (note here that this bugger still has not jumped and tried to shake the lure) then from about 100m out turned and came back with the tide, now winding furiously trying to keep good tension on the line, I am not going to lose this!. The bugger headed straight for the boat, required Andrew to start motor reverse and get away from him to keep the angles right, motor did not start in time, the monster surfaced about 10ft from the boat with a mouth like a bucket, one shake and gone. Absolutely gutted, 20 minute fight but boy was it worth it. Est size = buffalo, well and truly over the 1 metre mark. Note she would have been released just wish I could have said I actually landed it.

All in all brilliant trip. Hope the post is not to long have attached my best Barra went 92cms, unlike the last post with a bit of long arm I could not lift this one and had to lay it across my body. Have a truck load of photo's and will post some in the lure fishing section or as requested. Have also promised Cameron that I will post his pictures of his best fish so you will see one more post in fishing reports that is titled Cameron-Shady Camp. Don't want to clutter up the currency of reports.

All fish caught on HB's Bombers and little Lucifiers nothing else.

Only Rod I used was Okuma PXT 702DSM and Daiwa Procaster 4000XA, this set up is to die for, bit expensive for your everyday fisher though.

Now back to the blood bank to get my top up after the flying hyperdermics sucked about 15 litres of blood out of me.


Cheers Trapper

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What a terrific yarn! Great report mate. You were certainly entitled to 'skite' after your efforts. Sounds like you had a fantastic time. Not even a banana-coloured boat could detract from your trip! :biggrin2: More photos please!



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Hey Hodgey

The banana coloured boat was a huge shock when we first saw it.

All went NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! it can't be.

One part of the banana myth now busted, banana colour does not matter only actual banana's.

Also not all trips turn out as good as this one we have had a share of bummers.

Also did not post any pictures of Andrews fish, just to stir him up Ha Ha , will post his best 2 today and end his suffering, then other pictures will go to lure section so as not to bugger up currency of general reports.

Cheers Trapper T

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