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Tuesday 19th May: The Mrs At Work, Son At Childcare

tan the fisherman

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Ross - I can do Friday call me on 0416041789 (or PM me your number) at some stage to discuss the finer points.

Kiwi Dan - I can do tomorrow!! Im live in Parramatta but can meet almost anywhere. What time where you thinking of launching? Call me on 0416041789 or PM me your number.

Landbased - will call you shortly

Breamzilla - I might/will struggle to get to Brookie by 5am although I havent caught a bream for over 6 months!! I dont wanna hold you up!

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holy crap...

i should post in here next time i wanna meet up with some raiders, instead of the desperate and boatless section! 4 replies in a couple of hours!

good on ya raiders for the prompt replies..!

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I usually post in d&B however thought I'd throw one up in the Bar section.

We didnt end up going out today- I was gonna meet up with Kiwi Dan and/or Landbased but due to one thing or another it didnt eventuate.

Probably a good thing as the weather looks crappy!!

Kiro - Id be happy to meet up for a fish at some stage mate

Thanks for the replies everyone - Im still off work so keep'em coming!!!

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sounds good brother... im feeling a sickie coming on soon... (cough cough)

do you think people can reach a stage where they are too sick to go to work, but not that sick to miss out on a fishing trip??

i do...

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