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Cameron Shady Camp

Trapper Tom

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As I promised Cameron so he could brag to his mates please find attached his best fish.

Also after we caught our first fish he's in there with fingers and all trying to get the lure out as a 12 year old does. Both Dad and me in unison "Cameron get your hands away and use the pliers"

2nd fish, Yep straight in there and yes you guessed it, hooked and barb into flesh.

Boy was he brave took 2mins to get the damn thing out. Not a tear not a cry or wimper, but do you reakon he touched another for the whole trip!!!!!!!!!!!


Cam thats for you and for all the payouts on you gave me on the trip, top one buddy.


Seriously he is a good fisherman and caught some great fish.

Trapper Tom



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Hey Ray

The smile is priceless and exactly what lifes all about, also just noticed your on 1001 Posts congrats on that I always love reading your posts keep them coming

For GUDude yeah there are two grips one had been playing up and we lost a couple at the boat so he said with this one NO WAY !!! I,m using 2 to make sure its in the boat. Can't argue with the logic


Trapper Tom

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