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post-10346-1242638429_thumb.jpgThe day is Saturday the 16th May, woke up at 4 in the morning. Went out side for breakfast, coffee and a few smokes and noticed the wind was quite strong. I was thinking it was going to be a rough day outside the heads. We boarded at the opera house at 6 am. The skipper told us that the swell was going to be about 2.5 metres, i must say that made me a little anxious. We get to the heads and there was not much swell at all, just wind chop. I was getting very excited to drop a line in. The skipper pulled the boat up just outside south head, he said there were good flathead there. So we dropped our lines in and decovered lots of leatherjackets so skipper said lines in we are moving to outside north head. We driffed with the wind out to sea as the wind was offshore, not a very productive day compared to some of the reports i read on Raider. I must say i would do it agian in a flash for the same result, love being on the water. The only thing i caught was this good size Cuttlefish.
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Hi 1 obsession

Personally I would not have ventured outside on Sat as the wind was up to 30knots plus at times.(Do I get a speeding ticket mods?) or is my comment fair in view of safety for Raiders/fishos. Besides at that wind speed it is near impossible to drift fish.You did good to score the cuttie.

Regards Kit

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