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A Question About Markers/bouys At Night


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Hi All,

Just a quick question which will display my own stupidity but:

We were cruising down the Georges passing Tom Ugly's when we ran into a marker that I can honestly say I did not see till it was too late. I am grateful to say that the only thing damaged was pride & a bent bow roller luckily.

I admit my own failing for not seeing it, but I cannot understand why it had no reflectors that would have shone up under torch light. It was out from the moored boats on the Capt Cook side of Tom's bridge as I was returning to "hole in the wall ramp". We had just passed through the bridges & therefore we were not traveling at speed, I agree our light could have been better but, we weren't driving like idiots.

We were not the only the boat that found that obstacle on Sunday as we met the owner of a pondgrass back at the ramp & he had hit the same marker/obstacle earlier. Unfortunately he was sporting more damage then we had. "If you are a raider mate send us a message"

Anyway surely some reflective tape on water hazards is not a bad or too costly idea? I know the responsibility of safety rests on the drivers, but I would like to hear your thoughts:

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Was the marker a MSB marker or a buoy of some sort left out for sailors.

Once upon a time each of the sailing clubs and the yacht groups packed their marks up after each session. I have noticed that in the last couple of years there have been a number of groups that just leave there marks out all season. None of these marks are made for night.


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Thanks for the reply mate, as for the type of marker I am not sure of it & am going to go back out this weekend to have a look for it. I didn't stick around to check it out as I was more concerned about the boat & wether I had cracked the hull ..Haha

I guess I was more selfishly concerned about the boat then the marker, hell I even forgot to post a pic of the jewie we got.

I will post it when I find out what type of marker it was


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