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50lb Braid To What Strength Mono?

tan the fisherman

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Gday Raiders,

YARRAONE: I dont mean to hijack your post, I got a similar question!

I have a question similar to Yarrones question about joining braid to mono.

I have a BTR6500 which I use for kingies, sharks etc It is half spooled with 50lb braid. I wanted to fill the rest of the spool with line but I need help with the following questions:

1. What line to fill the spool with: mono or braid?

If mono, will 30lb be ok? as I have a heap of it. It is alot thicker in diameter than the braid.

If braid what strength: I have a full spool of 80lb braid - should I remove the 50lb, spool up the 80lb and topshot with the 50lb?

2. What knot to join the lines with? Is there a different knot for braid to braid vs. braid to mono?

Thanks raiders,


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Anthony, Thanks for your reply and information.

Here are some q's and responses:

"Firstly, are you saying you want to top shot the spool with mono? If so, Can I ask if there is a reason for this?"

Because Im trying to make the best of what I have without spending $$ - been made redundant.

"Firstly, if you still want to maintain all the advantages of braid, but want to fill up your spool (I assume it is a bit low on line?), I would remove the braid then back fill MORE MONO beneath the braid, then put the braid back on the reel. I would use the equivelant pound mono, such as 50lb. That way you maintain the same breaking strain if you were to ever have a good fish take you right down to the mono backing line."

Can I fill with 30lb on the bottom and 50lb braid on top - goes against what I know but I thought I'd ask.

"80lb braid is massive overkill for a 6500 and not neccessary. The heavier lines classed are really cumbersome on these reels and will ultimatley be a pain to use and effect your overall hook up rate..."

This is what I thought but I wanted to use what I have rather than spending more $$

Thanks for the info on the knots - looks like many lonely nights in the garage coming up perfecting the knots.

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