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Flatty Lure

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G'Day fishraiders

After posting the Shady Camp photo's looked at a couple more and had a good one showing a Little Lucifer lure. Same attached For all the Flatty hunters out there, which I am one, reakon that this guy would be an absolute cracker. Really good slow speed action, lots of tail twitch and will run up to 2.5m depth depending on how you use it. Will spend a session soley targeting flatties with it this weekend(wheather depending) and advise of results. And yes water temp now dropping and not the prime time but ya gotta try.


Trapper Tom


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Ive used that same lure up north with great success on the barra as well,also the brown/orange & red/green one work good too.The only hardbody lure that has worked for me down here on the flatties & also catches

stacks of barra up north is the classic & trusted gold bomber 14A.

But i haven't tried the lucifer myself on the flatties & cant see why it wouldnt work ok,there are not too many lures around that wont catch a flattie in the right conditions.

With the effectiveness & versatility of soft plastics that can be fished in any depth of water & can be cast

further in most conditions,you cant beat them,why bother spending a session trying to maybe catch a flathead with a

hardbody lure of any kind except for maybe slow trolling them over shallow dropoffs,weedbanks &

sandflats.It is fact that soft plastics are absolutely devastating on flathead,even better than bait,in most cases anyone with the

right tackle can catch them but when they are used by a fairly skilled angler they are deadly

& do catch flathead of all sizes.


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Hey Steve

Thanks for your reply.

Believe it of not, all our Barra on the Shady Camp trip were caught on Lucifer or the trusted B52 gold bomber, zippo on Sp, don't know why, just the way it happened or just our fishing style maybe. Brilliant lures. Agree with your comments on SP,s I was one of the original Mr Twister lure users when they first came out years ago and used them in Lake Mac and Swansea channel to devastating effect and still use predominantly SP's for flatties. As I had not used this particular lure before this trip, and it absolutely smashed the Barra, just for a change and a challenge will see what the little bugger is capable of with flatties. Nothing better than putting a plan into place and trying it out, its the bear went over the mountain thing. Variation is the spice of life.

And yes you are absolutely spot on and show your obvious good fishing knowledge and prowess with your statement "slow trolling over shallow drop offs, weed banks and sandflats" because that is exactly what I will doing with the thing. Weather not now looking real good for this weekend, but the the adventure will be had

ASAP. Will advise when exercise has been completed and (hopefully not eat s&%t)

Cheers and Regards


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