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Boat Washes Up On Rocks In Sydney Harbour


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Boat washes up on rocks in Sydney Harbour

* May 21, 2009 - 9:11AM

Two people have been taken to hospital with minor injuries after their boat washed up on rocks in Sydney Harbour this morning.

The nine-metre boat hit the rocks just before 6am at Dobroyd Head, near Balgowlah Heights, a police spokesman said.

A police helicopter winched the two on board to safety and they were taken by ambulance to Manly Hospital, an ambulance spokesman said.

No other details were available about the injured pair, or the circumstances that led to the boat washing up.


It seems there's more to this story:

'Drunken sailors' rescued from sinking yacht

By Kara Lawrence

May 21, 2009 09:00am

TWO drunken sailors had to be rescued from their yacht which was stranded high and dry on rocky headland on Sydney's northern beaches this morning.

The pair first made a distress call at 5.50am today to say their 10-metre boat had been washed up onto rocks but could not describe exactly where they were, a police spokesman said.

He said they were "heavily intoxicated" and that one had suffered a gash to his leg.

A water police search was launched but the pair and their yacht were not found until just after 7am, washed up on Grotto Point near Balgowlah.

But due to the risk of rescuing them via land or water, the Polair chopper was called in to winch them to safety.

An ambulance spokesman said a road ambulance took both men to Manly Hospital but the injuries were minor.

The police spokesman said that the while the pair would not be responsible for the cost of search, they would be responsible for the cost of recovering the boat off the rocks.

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That's pretty bad stuff Peter!! You and I certainly wouldn't want to be a captive audience with those blokes in that ten metre thing Pete even when we were young and fit ay...


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Glad they and the rescuers are safe but I hope there are some photos and film as people need to see these incidents to understand teh danger even inside the heads.

What the hell were they doing in that weather in that state?? Did it drag anchor Were they charged? Lots of questions

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Looks like the yacht is toast and no news on the police

action against those on board.

HERE is a link to a photo gallery of the vessel high and dry.

With the seas today, she will surely break up... stay tuned for more.



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Ketch to be cut into pieces

THE ketch that went aground at Grotto Point last week is beyond salvaging and will have to be cut into pieces and removed.

The owner and his friends have been salvaging what they can and cleaning up the mess but have been unable to stop thieves stealing electrical equipment worth thousands of dollars.

The 13m ketch Bide a Wee ran aground about 6am last Thursday and the two men on board had to be airlifted to safety by the police helicopter.

Polaris Marine operations manager Gavin Manille said an inspection of the stricken yacht showed its condition had deteriorated in the heavy seas that battered the coastline over the weekend. Large holes have been torn in the hull.

Mr Manille said the ketch was beyond being patched and refloated, and that it would have to be cut up and removed in pieces, possibly by a helicopter.

In the meantime, the owner and friends have been salvaging equipment, rigging and sails from the ketch but thieves have stolen electrical equipment, including a depth sounder, two-way radio, GPS navigation system and solar panel.

The ketch was uninsured and the owner says the shipwreck and the subsequent theft of equipment has cost him more than $30,000.


Manly Daily.

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