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Nt Creek

Trapper Tom

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Hi Guys

Didn't go for a fish this weekend.

Thought I'd post this photo of our Shady Camp trip.

Flatout down a 15ft wide creek. Awesome fun. Note not dangerous as you actually had to get up on the plane to be able to get out.

Also did not post very many barra photo's from the trip and have stacks, if anyone wants to see more please advise and will post. Say on the lure section as they were all lure caught.


Trapper Tom


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Love it ... flat out down some of those NT creeks was the way to go. I remember going to the Rookery in a big AMM marine boat, the only way to get in/out was to get up on a plane and some of the best fishing came from those skinny creeks.

Would be great to see more pics, post 'em up.



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Hey that looks like fun, I've had the pleasure as well in a Polycraft 455 weaving around the small rivulets at Cooroboree Lagoon, enjoy the ride, and look out for crocs..


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