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What Type Of Setup Is This?


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hey, just wondering what kind of setup is this... basically a while back when i was visiting a relative somewhere near coff harbour, we saw some guy fishing off a bridge, basically he had this small rod, and about 5-6 mini hooks on them, and what appears to be hair on the hook, he just drop the line up and down in the water, and every few dips, he catches 2-3 small mullets or yellow tails and he uses it for bait...

basically just want to know what kind of setup is he using to get the bait? would it be those mini fly jigs? but i would of thought fly jigs would float on the water instead of sinking it down?

didnt get a chance to ask the guy back then,, so now im left clue less, as it seems to be a great way to catch bait

any idea raiders?


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Plenty of people use them for catching bait fish like yellowtail (yakkas), slimey mackerel etc. They are commonly called bait jigs, or sabiki jigs (sabiki is a company that makes them but there are others). They sink very slowly if unweighted but u can also use them with sinkers to get the jig down deeper and faster... i've found that the fish prefer the jigs to be wafting down slowly tho.

The jigs with the really small hooks are best, say size 6 to size 10? You can choose to put some bait on the hooks but they are designed to be used with burley and i've read advice on the forums which says this latter method is more effective. Putting tiny pieces of bait on the many small hooks every time the bait gets stolen is extremely time consuming but sometimes it might work better. The jigs usually come in a 6 hook packet and i cut this into two separate ones so that there is 3 hooks on each section... makes it more manageable in regards to tangles etc.

Hope you have success with using them, i have only had limited success and usually resort to using only 1 hook to get bait fish but maybe i am not burleying enough or effectively :wacko: .

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