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Narrawallee Inlet


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Hi all,

I'm heading down the coast in a few weeks for a camping / fishing / blokes weekend on private property on the shores of Narrawallee inlet (north of Mollymook). Its bound to be a BIG weekend :drunk: ...

My question is, has anyone ever fished this waterway before? and if so what can I expect? I guess the usual estuary species are what I can expect but any inside info or local knowledge would be appreciated..

Thanks and regards


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I have fished Narrawallee a couple of times, while staying at Mollymook a fair few years back. It's a fairly shallow inlet and you should be able to wade across much of it in places when the tide's right. I recall getting the odd good whiting and a few bream and flathead. You should be able to pump some nippers and catch a few poddies. I assume the inlet is open to the sea at the moment. There's also the nearby beaches and rocks to fish. Should be some salmon about.

Good luck.


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Hey Smitty,

Growing up my grandparents lived down there and we used to get nippers and head up the river for flat's breambo's and whiting. I do recall a good session (back in the early 80's when I was all of 10) on beach worms down near the rocks in the middle of the beach and getting a whiting a cast basically.

Since then I haven't fished it alot in recent years but did pull a few flatty's a couple of years back...I don't think the system would see alot of soft plastic action and recon you could tempt a few un suspecting breambo's and flats with out much trouble too.

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The inlet is one of my favourite spots down there, i have caught some of my best fish in there. Being open to the ocean it gets a good flush and tidal flow.

I have snorkelled all along the edge of it to see where the fish hang out and have seen some very big flatties in there and even the odd shark, plenty of trevally in there too.

2" pumpkin seed grubs and 3" bass minnows in watermelon or pearl blue have been good

The bream get up in the mangroves on the high tide and sometimes they dont spook and you can get into them.

enjoy :1fishing1:

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