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Replacement Centre Console. Where To Buy?


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Hello boys. In the market for a 5.2m Webster Twinfisher centre console, but the standard console/wheel-housette they come with is a bit ho-hum. Anybody know where I can find a mob who have fancy schmancy off-the-shelf or even custom-made consoles. I've had a look at BoatBox already.




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Guest Jocool

I was looking around for a scmicko console for a while, but the best ones would be made by boat makers. Probably cost a bit. But like Ankles said...whizz of a PM to Wakd from Yabbie Marine and I'm sure if they are available he can help you.

Some reall nice ones on Yank boats, but the freight would kill ya! :thumbdown:

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Any aluminium fabricator would be able to do it for you. Get out the yellow pages and ask around. However if I were you, I would call some of the custom plate boat builders, I am sure they would have some great ideas for a console and they would do a great job because they're making them all the time for a living!

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